The company was established in 2002 and is a diversified innovative engineering company. Levitek supplies technological equipment, solutions for the oil and gas industry, the chemical industry and for the companies with privately owned fleet.

LEVITEK is a member of the National Gas Vehicle Association (NGVRUS) and a participant of the work group on the use of natural gas as a motor fuel under the Fuel and Energy Complex (FED) Government Commission of the Russian Ministry of Energy.

The company has a vast experience in equipment manufacturing and its supplying to the different regions of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan. Our manufacturing area is placed in the Moscow region, which lets us have a convenient located warehouse and technical support.

Thanks to our prudence, prompt decision-making process, wide range of oil and gas equipment we can implement large and complex projects effectively.

Work principles

  • We invest in the team

  • We study customer needs

  • We implement problem solving process

  • Efficiency increasing

  • We manage expectations

Our strengths

17 year experience in the
oil and gas industry
24-hour technical
Representatives in St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg

4 reasons to cooperate with LEVITEK

It is easy to do business with us. We use a single point of contact by offering professional support to our customers and effective solutions at all project stages on all issues, which can arise during the project implementation.

We implement out projects on time thanks to our manufacturing area in the Russian Federation, effective project management and a well-functioning quality control system.

We offer effective solutions within the allocated cost.

We deal with issues of any complexity with key experts in the CNG, LNG, oil and gas fields.


  • We pay special attention to the pre-investment project stage. As a rule, inadequate attention to the quality of issue can lead to a dramatic cost raise, a decrease in the project's efficiency indicators and sometimes to a project failure at this stage with writing off the costs incurred as a loss and closing project.

  • We analyze the current situation in the company with own vehicle fleet, calculate costs for motor fuel, create a beneficial program for the comprehensive gasification project implementation for the company's vehicles, choose the best options for transferring to CNG/LNG and make the selection of CNG-station as the customer requested.

  • The comprehensive gasification project implemented by our company is always «the golden mean» between your costs and project efficiency.

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