Equipment for oilfield, oil refining and gas processing plants

Levitek supplies high-quality oil field technology, oil and gas refineries equipment, supervision of assembling works, start-up and launch operations. Levitek provides technical support and aftermarket services.

LEVITEK portfolio includes a wide range of equipment:

  • Rotary and reciprocating compressor units for associated oil gas (AOG).
  • Block-modular booster pump stations for AOG.
  • Mobile well head compressor units
  • AOG drying units.
  • Installations for gas utilization of the last separation stages.
  • Vapour recovery unit.
  • Flow-through oil and gas heaters.
  • Nitrogen stations with gaseous nitrogen concentration of 90% -99.999%.
  • Industrial pumps and pump units.
  • Block pump stations.
  • Heat exchangers.
  • Explosion-proof climatic installations.
  • Filters, separators and adsorbers.

Our equipment meets different challenges:

  • oil gas pumping.
  • building the necessary pressure for gas transportation.
  • associated gas treatment and its supply to gas engine gen sets or gas turbine electric power stations.
  • pressurization for processing and separation of associated gas by membrane technology.
  • permeate collection and disposal.
  • gas dehydration by hydrocarbons and water.
  • gas cleaning and filtration from mechanical impurities, droplet moisture, oil droplets and paraffines.
  • annular pressure drop.
  • complete utilization of gases and, as a consequence, the well rate increase.
  • collection, compression of light hydrocarbons cuts.
  • gas evacuation from pipelines during maintenance works.
  • gas, air or nitrogen Injection into gas pipelines and tanks to prepare for repairs or leak-off tests.
  • production, compression and pumping of nitrogen gas.
  • ensuring safety during the drilling, development, intensification, maintenance of gas and oil wells.

Why is it beneficial to do business with LEVITEK?

It is easy to cooperate with us. We contribute on a single point of contact basis, which allows our customers to: buy oil gas industry equipment, to get high quality service, ensure prompt technical support, manage supervision of assembling works, start-up and launch operations using single source of market participant.

We offer efficient technology solutions at the optimal price thanks to expert equipment selection and procurement.

Advanced project management. A quality control system is implemented and is used at all level in our company. A personal manager effectively coordinates the project at all stages.


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