Solutions for CNG-stations & transport

LEVITEK is a reliable supplier of effective solutions for compressed natural gas production, storage and filling for automobile gas-filling compressor stations (CNG-stations) in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belorussia.

LEVITEK staff 

Our team includes specialists with many years’ experience in the natural gas industry and with established professional relations with key market players and experts. 

The company's staff took in key projects in CHG stations rollout within 2009-2017: from choice of the land plot for the CNGs arrangements to the commissioning of the facility and liaising with the CNG consumers to ensure the station loading. 

Our achievements

Oil and gas industry many years of experience
Our customers are key NOC companies including PJSC NK Rosneft and PJSC Gazprom
Achieve capacity to engineer, procure and launch up to 25 CNG stations per year

CNG services

LEVITEK provides a wide range of services in the compressed natural gas production and filling:
  • CNG consulting
  • Pre-investment CNG-station study: (ANALYSIS):
    - gas-filling station locating assessment on the enterprise territory or other land plot,
    - auditing the vehicles fleet with different ways for its transfer to the CNG,
    - preliminary feasibility project study,
    - investment project passport,
    - preliminary construction cost calculation
  • Departmental and commercial CNG stations design.
  • Fleet of vehicles proceeding to CNG of on "turn-key basis".
  • CNG equipment engineering.
  • Standard production of “LT Methane” compressor units for natural gas compression and its preparation for refueling vehicles according to TU 28.13.28-001-59734625-2017.
  • Equipment supply for block-modular CNG stations, "slow refueling" CNG stations, mini CNG stations, micro CNG stations, mobile gas filling station (MGFS).
  • CNG station Packaging for the individual customer needs.
  • Assembly contract supervision of CNG stations.
  • Start-up and launch of CNG station equipment.
  • Technical support and service maintenance.
  • Staff Training.

Advantages of CNG fuel

Cost-effective.CNG is several times cheaper than diesel fuel or petrol.

Stability of fuel propertiesat low ambient temperatures.

Environmentally friendly. Cars on natural gas meet the Euro-4 and Euro-5 environmental standards.

Security. Natural gas belongs to the safest class of fuel (a hazard Class IV explosives), according to the classification of sensitivity degree combustible substances. By contrast, propane-butane has a hazard Class II explosives, and petrol has a hazard Class III explosives.
Longer engine lifetime. Natural gas combustion does not sooting, it does not have impurities, so it does not destroy the vehicle engine and prolongs its lifetime.

6 reasons to set up your own CNG station


SHORT PERIOD OF PAYOUT: from 4 to 12 months.

SIMPLE PRODUCTION. There is a wide range of opportunities for the production of any CNG volume and its delivery organization to equipment locations (if necessary).

SECURITY. Natural gas belongs to the safest class of fuel (a hazard Class IV explosives), according to the classification of sensitivity degree combustible substances. Methane is twice as lighter than air, so it disappears quickly and completely in case of leakage.

ENERGY INDEPENDENCE. Your fuel is always "in pipe" on the enterprise territory, you are independent from fuel supplies.

PRICING PREDICTION. Independence from rising prices for the motor fuel. For example, only during April-May 2018 the price for motor fuel increased by 10%, while the cost of natural gas is regulated by the Government of the Russian Federation.



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