Metal constructions

LEVITEK is a reliable supplier of high-quality metal constructions of varying difficulty level:
  • High-speed assembly and metal constructions.
  • Block-modular metal constructions buildings.
  • Sandwich panels of wireframe type.
  • Production buildings, metal constructions, warehouses, metal farms.
  • Windows, doors, gates.
  • Concrete products.
  • Metal fencing.
  • Ramps.
  • Plate girder.
  • Electricity pylon, lightning conductors, high mast antennas supports, floodlights and other lighting elements.
  • Metal tanks.
  • Non-standard metal constructions.

LEVITEK competency in the metal constructions field

LEVITEK carries out a full range of services:
  • metal constructions design.
  • Engineering survey.
  • Consulting services.
  • Metal constructions Supply.
  • Installation of metal constructions.
  • Anticorrosion products treating.

Stages of Metal constructions supply

Metal constructions production can be divided into four stages:

Design.  At the first stage, we determine and calculate the possible capacity, methods of connection, specific construction places, architectural and design solutions, we choose the material, doors, windows, design features, etc. For these we use specialized software that performs all necessary calculations automatically. We prepare the drawings.

Preparation and materials selection. At the second stage we select blanks, mixtures, covering and anti-corrosion treating, hardware items then check them for compliance with the declared quality and characteristics. Then we determine the most suitable welding method.

Metal constructions manufacturing. At the third stage, there is a production of metal constructions, a complete elements with all components, cutting (with laser, plasma, etc.), metalworking (turning, milling and welding) and other necessary work. We check all the connections of the hardware carefully, the welding safe, the absence of cracks (microcracks). Finally, the metal construction elements are cleaned, padded/primed, painted.

Metal constructions installation. At the fourth stage, we put up and install all units on the required object. 

5 reasons to do business with LIVITEK concerning metal constructions:

Individual approach and aesthetics. The combination of designer and engineering approaches let us prepare unique projects taking into account the customers wishes and comply with all building regulations/bylaw. 

Constant high quality. All metal constructions are made in strict accordance with National State Standards. 

On time delivery. The provision allows LEVITEK supply high-quality metal constructions on time. 

Convenient and economical delivery. Metal constructions are delivered in disassembled form that is why the delivery is simple, convenient and inexpensive.
Experience. LEVITEK supplies metal constructions to the PJSC GAZPROM and PJSC NK ROSNEFT oil and gas fields.

You can get more information from our "Metal constructions department" specialist the by phone +7(495) 150 33 65

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