LNG technologies & consulting

LEVITEK takes an active part in the equipment supply projects and solutions for liquefying natural gas (hereinafter LNG).

LEVITEK staff 

LEVITEK is a member of the National Gas Vehicle Association (NGVRUS) and a participant the work group on the use of natural gas as a motor fuel under the Fuel and Energy Complex (FED) Government Commission of the Russian Ministry of Energy.

LEVITEK is an integrator of LNG production solutions and Cryo-Filling Station as well as an effective manager, who created a professional team with leading industry participants:
  • A limited liability company Scientific-Production Company «Kriogen-Holod-Tehnologia» is our partner in the design of Cryo-Filling Station; the team has 20 years’ experience in the industrial and deep cold field
  • «CIMC –Sanctum» is worldwide cryogenic equipment manufacturer and our technology partner, as well as Shell's partner in the 2500 Cryo-Filling stations construction over the world. CIMC-Sanctum installed Cryo-Filling Station in Belgium, Germany, China, and plans to move to Holland
  • Key industry experts

Services in LNG equipment sphere

LEVITEK provides a wide range of services in gas liquefaction area:
  • Industrial consulting in the LNG field.
  • Pre-investment study of the Cryo-Filling Station project (choosing of the most efficient LNG production technology, evaluation of the facility's location chosen by the customer, preliminary feasibility project study, investment project passport, preliminary construction cost calculation).
  • Design of low- and medium-tonnage LNG production, Cryo-Filling Station, LNG receiving, storage and regasification points.
  • Engineering in the Cryo-Filling Station sphere.
  • LNG production equipment selection and its delivery, Cryo-Filling Station supply on "a turnkey basis", gas receival, storage and regasification of LNG.
  • LNG production equipment Packaging for the individual customer needs.
  • Fleet of vehicles proceeding to LNG of on "turn-key basis."
  • Assembly contract supervision and start-up and launch operations of CNG station equipment.
  • Technical support and service maintenance.
  • Staff Training.

Advantages of LNG fuel

Cost-effective. LNG is much cheaper than diesel fuel.

High quality of LNG and its Stability of fuel properties at low ambient temperatures.

Longer engine lifetime. The oil film remains on the cylinder walls, during methane is burning in the engine. Moreover there are no micro particles in the combustion chamber and the internal combustion engine detonation the decreases.

Greater fuel distance. Liquefied natural gas provides a greater fuel distance of the car than compressed natural gas. To ensure the necessary car fuel distance it requires to place a smaller geometric fuel volume. Therefore, LNG is efficient for transport, which carries out long distance transportation (construction machinery, opencust vehicles, heavy vehicles, rail and water transport) or has the limitations of placing a large cylinders number on board.

Environmentally friendly. Cars on natural gas meet the Euro-4 and Euro-5 environmental standards. 


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